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This sql script will create an populate Time dimension for PosgreSQL based data warehouse

time_key integer NOT NULL,
time_value character(5) NOT NULL,
hours_24 character(2) NOT NULL,
hours_12 character(2) NOT NULL,
hour_minutes character (2)  NOT NULL,
day_minutes integer NOT NULL,
day_time_name character varying (20) NOT NULL,
day_night character varying (20) NOT NULL,
CONSTRAINT time_dim_pk PRIMARY KEY (time_key)

COMMENT ON TABLE time_dim IS 'Time Dimension';
COMMENT ON COLUMN time_dim.time_key IS 'Time Dimension PK';

insert into  time_dim

SELECT  cast(to_char(minute, 'hh24mi') as numeric) time_key,
to_char(minute, 'hh24:mi') AS tume_value,
-- Hour of the day (0 - 23)
to_char(minute, 'hh24') AS hour_24,
-- Hour of the day (0 - 11)
to_char(minute, 'hh12') hour_12,
-- Hour minute (0 - 59)
to_char(minute, 'mi') hour_minutes,
-- Minute of the day (0 - 1439)
extract(hour FROM minute)*60 + extract(minute FROM minute) day_minutes,
-- Names of day periods
case when to_char(minute, 'hh24:mi') BETWEEN '06:00' AND '08:29'
then 'Morning'
when to_char(minute, 'hh24:mi') BETWEEN '08:30' AND '11:59'
then 'AM'
when to_char(minute, 'hh24:mi') BETWEEN '12:00' AND '17:59'
then 'PM'
when to_char(minute, 'hh24:mi') BETWEEN '18:00' AND '22:29'
then 'Evening'
else 'Night'
end AS day_time_name,
-- Indicator of day or night
case when to_char(minute, 'hh24:mi') BETWEEN '07:00' AND '19:59' then 'Day'
else 'Night'
end AS day_night
FROM (SELECT '0:00'::time + (sequence.minute || ' minutes')::interval AS minute
FROM generate_series(0,1439) AS sequence(minute)
GROUP BY sequence.minute
) DQ

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