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Below is a list of String Validation Functions supported by Advanced ETL Processor

ImageData Validation FunctionDescription
Is Null Checks if the data is equal to null.
Is Empty String Checks if the data is Empty String. (Length of the string is zero).
Is Alpha Checks if the data contains only Alpha characters.
Is Alpha Numeric Checks if the data contains only Alpha Numeric characters.
Is Hex Checks if the data contains valid HEX string
Is Equal To Checks if the data is equal to supplied value
Is Starts With Checks if the data starts with supplied value
Is Ends With Checks if the data ends with supplied value
Contains Checks if the data contains supplied value
In List Checks if the data exists within supplied list values

Advanced ETL Processor is designed to automate extracting data from ANY database, transform, validate it and load into ANY database . Typical usage of it would be extract data from Excel File,Validate Date Formats, Sort data, deduplicate it and load it into Oracle database, run stored procedure or Sql script, once loading is completed. Unlike Oracle SQL loader, BCP,  DTS or SSIS Advanced ETL Processor can also add new and update old records based on primary key

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