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Comparison of data loading strategy into QliKView

Using QVD files

Working With QVD files

There some advantages and disadvantages of using QVD files

  • Same data for all users
  • Loader QVS pulls data into memory and saves it into the file
  • Additional processing on the QlikView server
  • QVD’s can be generated only by QlikView

Using QVX files

Working With QVX files

Benefits of using QVX files

  • Same data for all users
  • Advanced ETL Processor data saves the data into the file without loading everything into the memory
  • AETL can perform data transformation and validation on the fly
  • Can automate file transfers via FTP/Emails/HTTP/File operations.
  • Can work in distributed environment
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QlikView - Data Integration performance boost

More about ETL-Tools QlikView connector

We do a lot of consutancy work and we decided to introduce version control after one of our customers modified transformations beyond use. Version control helped us to restore project to it's original state. Another situation when version control is very usefull is a large project with multiple developers.

Advanced ETL Processor version control tab

More about ETL-Tools

Latest ETL Software changes

+ New Version control tab was introduced
+ Version control can submit several objects now
+ Version control dialogue can delete multiple objects now
- Various bug fixes

We have two ETL products Visual Importer ETL and Advanced ETL Processor.

Which one to choose depends on the complexity of the data and now you want to work with it

This article provide some examples of complex data

If you just want to load data from table, delimited file or simple XML file choose Visual Importer ETL.

If you work with complex data and require data validation, transformation or sorting and on top of it you also want to be able to generate the data select Advanced ETL Processor.

Both Advanced ETL Processor and Visual Importer ETL have 3 editions:

Standard Edition is designed for desktop user who just wants to run data load or transformation manually.

Professional Edition is designed for user who wants to execute business automation processes manually (Developers).

Enterprise Edition is designed for user who wants complete automation of business processes.

Selecting ETL Software

Download Visual Importer ETL Standard      Download Advanced ETL Processor Standard     
Download Visual Importer ETL Professional Download Advanced ETL Processor Professional
Download Visual Importer ETL Enterprise    Download Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise   

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