In the latest version of our QlikView Connector we have introduced support for JDBC.

Note: The connector currently works with 27 datasources.


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Advanced ETL Processor Advanced ETL Processor Advanced ETL Processor Advanced ETL Processor

JDBC drivers are supplied by database vedors. The list of JDBC drivers can be foud here and here

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Great news: we have just introduced support for stored procedures as data target for all our ETL Products.

Stored procedure data transformation


Performance improvements for MS SQL Server Connection
Various Bug Fixes
Documentation Update

A Stored Procedure is an important tool for working with databases. They allow greater flexibility than SQL statements, ETL developers and programmers use stored procedures for various tasks within databases.

When to use stored procedure as ETL data target?

  1. For complex calculations
  2. Loading data into multiple target tables
  3. Very large lookup transformations
  4. Validation against large list of values for example validating post codes

It is a freeware lightweight QlikView files viewer.

"It supports both QVD and QVX Files"

Portable version is designed to work with PortableApps Menu which can be downloaded from here

Portable software is a class of software that is suitable for use on portable drives such as a USB (thumb) drive or iPod or Palm PDA with "drive mode", although any external hard drive could theoretically be used.  The concept of carrying one's favored applications, utilities, and files on a portable drive for use on any computer is one which has evolved considerably in recent years.

Download Q-Eye Portable Version

New version of VImpX is available for download.

Changes Are:

  • New datasources QVD and QVX files, Windows Event Log, RSS, Google Spreadsheets, SalesForce and BrightPearl (That makes it 27 datasources in total)
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks
  • Documentation Update

About VimpX

VImpX is universal dataimport Activex. 

By integrating one of DB Software Laboratory ETL ActiveX into your own application you can quickly introduce fully functional universal import routine and cut the time and the cost required for the development of your own.

Introducing new freeware utility:

Q-Eye: QlikView Data file viewer

  • Works with QVD and QVX files
  • Partial load by default
  • Export to Excel
  • Support for multiple documents
  • Filtering, sorting and search
  • Printing
  • Copy and paste support
  • Operating system integration

QVD Files Viewer

Download Q-Eye 32 Bit Download Q-Eye 64 Bit Download Q-Eye Portable Version

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