There two ways of sending of HTML emails with Advanced ETL Processor by using the package or as part as transformation

Automation Package sample: Sending price list to the customers

Email Automation

Enabling support for HTML email is easy: just tick a check box

Send Email Action

More advanced way of sending emails is using transformation: 

  1. Anything can be used as datasource to send emails files tables or databases
  2. It is possible to send multiple emails in one go
  3. Complex traformations can be performed on the data before sending it


Email Transformation


Please use our support forum if you have any questions

About Greenplum

The Greenplum Database builds on the foundations of open source database PostgreSQL. It primarily functions as a data warehouse and utilizes a shared-nothing, massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture. In this architecture, data is partitioned across multiple segment servers, and each segment owns and manages a distinct portion of the overall data; there is no disk-level sharing nor data contention among segments.

Source: Wikipedia.

Unlike PostgreSQL, Greenplum database does not support binary option of copy command

Select Text Mode option to load data into greenplum


We did spend a lot of time optimizing our ETL software and here is what we were able to achieve so far:

Loading data into Oracle database via direct path loading from a textfile

Version 28000 rec/second

Version 46000 rec/second

Version 84000 rec/second

Version 94000 rec/second

Version 101000 rec/second

There a lot of ways to make our software better, we will continue working on improving performance and will publish our results here.

In latest version we have introduced support for Global Variables
They are stored in the registry, this allows to use different settings on different computers.

Here is very simple example: two computers sharing same repository using different server for transformations
Production  Development 


Please be very careful with this option it is very use to make mistake and run transformation agains wrong database


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